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KRA 1952 BB Team

Kimberly, WI K.R.A. 1952 Basketball Team

Top row, left to right:
Dick Verbeten, Nig Van Dyke, Roy Vanden Heuvel, Jim Vandehey, Bill Goffard, Coach George Vander Zanden.

Bottom row:
Alan Dietzler, Pete Valentine, Lyle Hark, Wayne Kilsdonk, Butter Vander Wyst.

Photo courtesy of Theresa Vanden Heuve


Kimberly Rivals baseball team
ca. 1908

Kimberly Club

Kimberly Club basketball team
ca. 1934

Left to right:
Honey LeMay, Marie Van Lieshout Gossens, Genrose Cavil Verstegen Staley, Alva Leniville Wildenberg, Monica Van Ryzin Wildenberg, Rose Ann Schwanke Freund, Jerri Van Ryzin Albers

Kimberly Baseball

ca. early 1950s

Left to right: George Judkins, George Vander Zanden, Frank Van Boekel

Village Basketball Team

Village of Kimberly Basketball Team
ca. 1952

Back row: Jack Courchane,  Red Williams,  Carl Vanden Boom,  Jim ?, Joe Vanden Heuvel

Front row: Bueh Larson, Cliff Van Evenhoeven, ? , Fras Frassetto, Frank Vanden Boekel

Baseball 1930

1930 Kimberly Baseball Team

Front row: J. Feldhausen, W. Ladrow, L. Dopry, Arn. Pocan, Charlie Schell

Center row: Butch Thien, Ed Lynch, Geo. C. Lemmers

Back row: Nig. Verbeten, Whitey Berhrent, Dago Lamers

Photo courtesy of Carl Lemmers

Additional information gathered by local historian, Mary Lamers:

  • Geo C. Lemmers center row is Carl Lemmers/Sandy Huiting's father/grandfather - George C. Lemmers ran the bowling alley in Kimberly.
  • Whitey Berhrent owned "Whitey's Bar" on Main Street across/down from the bowling alley. It's an apartment building now (2013).
  • Charlie Schell center row, far right, owned the bowling alley in Kaukauna.
  • Dago Lamers, back row right owned the Hardware store in Little Chute.
  • Another interesting tidbit - [Mary] asked Carl the real names of Nig Verbeten, Whitey Berhrent and Dago Lamers. He didn't know - every one in town and their family called them by their nickname. The history behind this - So many Catholic families had big families and kept naming next generation after past generation. So, many times nicknames became the "real" name". [Mary] had a brother Tom, Tooty. He got his nickname because [Mary's] Uncle Tom also lived with them. Tom was 8, Tooty, a newborn when [Mary's] parents took in her mother's younger brothers and sister because both parents had died. Tom was "Tooty" until he went off to college.

1940 Champs

Kimberly, WI, ca. 1940

Top row: Ray Hamann, "Duke" Van Himbergen, Tom Busch, Paul Smits, Francis Vander Velden, "Dewey" Dufrane, Frank Van Cuyk, Carl Lemmers, Dean Barrand (manager)

Middle row: "Mouse" Mauthe, Vincent Vanden Boogaard, Joe Van Nuland, James Smits, Darrell Larson, ? Frassetto, John Gaffney

Bottom row: Francis Verbeten, Clarence Van Hammond, Cletus "Fish" Gaffney, Don Verkuilen, Bob "Brother" Willis, Francis "Pete" Pieters

Photo courtesy of Carl Lemmers


Kimberly, WI, ca. 1947

On back of photo: "First year of new remodeled baseball field south of Repap Mill which is now soccer field"

Left to Right: Dago Lamers, Butch Thien, Sonny Tornow, Baldy Eggert, Joe Gossens, Shorty Wenzel, Geo Vander Loop, Cocky Hammen

Photo courtesy of Carl Lemmers

Connie's Bar Fast Pitch Softball Team

Connie's Bar Fast Pitch Softball Team 1953
Kimberly, WI

Top row: Niel Davidson (sponsor), Morry Quick, Jack Niesz, Les Dietzen, Jack Grafmier, Geo. Reichel,

Bottom row: "Mouse" Mauthe, Mark Recker, Carl Lemmers, Bob Diener, Bill Brinkman, Bud Deleest, Larry Shebilski

Photo courtesy of Carl Lemmers