hearing loops

Stay in the Loop @ the Library

hearing loop logoThe Outagamie Waupaca Library System (OWLS) has been awarded Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds to improve accessibility at six (6) of its member libraries’ locations by installing hearing loops. Kimberly-Little Chute Public Library is proud to be one of the participants in this project and is happy to announce that hearing loops have been installed at the service desks at both of its locations.

A hearing loop can cover a small area at a service desk or circle a meeting room. The loop is connected to a sound system and transmits sound wirelessly to a receiver called a T-coil in the listener’s hearing aid or cochlear implant. No additional equipment is required. Hearing loops are discreet and flexible because they allow listeners to use them anywhere within the range of the loop.

I am enthusiastic about the new hearing loops and am happy to report that a library patron with hearing loss recently emailed, “I’ve used the T – Coils in both Kimberly and Little Chute. Both are fantastic! The fidelity is phenomenal!” I hope the installations will result in improved service for those in need of assistance.

More individuals have hearing loss than any other disability. Installing hearing loops at library service desks ensures that public library services are fully accessible to patrons with hearing loss. Learn more about hearing loops online at http://www.hearingloop.org/.