The library welcomes volunteer help and has a wide variety of opportunities available. Many offer flexible hours and tasks to suit specific interests. Our volunteers help with programming, assist with keeping materials in order, help with special projects, and shelve materials. Check the opportunity descriptions below to see more options and find what might be a good fit for you.

The first step to volunteering is to submit a volunteer application or pick up a copy at the library. We will then contact you to meet with our volunteer coordinator to see if volunteering at the library is a good match for you. Training will be provided for all accepted applicants.

What You Need to Know

  1. All potential volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application form prior to being allowed to volunteer at the library. The library reserves the right to deny volunteer service to any person.
  2. Volunteers will be subject to a background and/or reference check. Volunteers fulfilling the obligations of court-ordered community service must divulge the offense for which they are performing community service. That information will be kept confidential.
  3. The library will contact approved volunteers to set up orientation and a work schedule.
  4. The library may inform a volunteer at any time and for any reason that the volunteer may no longer volunteer at the library. The library need not specify a reason.
  5. Volunteers must:
    • Comply with the library’s Rules of Conduct.
    • Perform assigned tasks as requested.
    • Show up for assigned hours (please remember that we are counting on you!).
    • Perform tasks correctly (please ask if you have questions or concerns).
    • Wear a Volunteer badge.
    • Refer all questions from the public to library personnel.


For more information, contact the library’s volunteer coordinator, Corinne Herro, at cherro [at] mail [dot] owls [dot] lib [dot] wi [dot] us (subject: Question%20from%20website%20re%3A%20volunteering%20at%20the%20library) or 920-788-7515. Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the library! 

Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions

Ages: completed grade 10 and up
Shelf read and maintain a particular section of the collection.

Book Sale Prep
Ages: completed grade 7 and up
Prepare materials to be included in the ongoing book sale at the library.

Delivery of Library Materials to Homebound
Ages: 16 and up
Pick up, deliver, and return library materials for patrons unable to come to the library.

Environment Enhancement
Ages: completed grade 6 and up
Maintain a neat and orderly environment for library users. Dust problem areas as needed. Sharpen pencils for public use.

Program Assistance
Ages: 14 and up (depending on program)
Assist with adult, teen, or children’s programming. May greet people, serve refreshments, assist with crafts or sales of CD’s and books.

Ages: completed grade 5 and up
Shelve library materials. People interested in shelving will be asked to complete a “Shelving Quiz,” so that we are able to match you to appropriate sections of the collection based on grade level and/or skills.

Special Clerical Projects
Ages: 18 and up
Perform clerical tasks, such as database entry, index creation, poster design, etc.

Summer Library Program
Ages: completed grade 6 and up
Work with the library’s youth services staff to prepare for programs and assist with prize distribution to participating children.

Wii Gaming Monitor
Ages: completed grade 8 and up
Monitor the use of the library’s Wii gaming equipment. Assist with Wii gaming programs at the library for people of all ages.