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Centennial Memory Project

Welcome to the Centennial Memory Project, created by the Kimberly-Little Chute Public Library in celebration of the Centennial of the Village of Kimberly in 2010. Even though the Centennial has passed, we are still adding materials as time allows. If you have memories or family stories about the people and places included here, please add them in the comments!

DX Filling Station

Kimberly DX Station ca. 1937-38


Kimberly Rivals baseball team
ca. 1908

Kimberly Club

Kimberly Club basketball team
ca. 1934

Left to right:
Honey LeMay, Marie Van Lieshout Gossens, Genrose Cavil Verstegen Staley, Alva Leniville Wildenberg, Monica Van Ryzin Wildenberg, Rose Ann Schwanke Freund, Jerri Van Ryzin Albers

The Catacombs

The Catacombs - old bowling alley and pool hall.

Camel Vander Velden, Ted Lemmers, Jack Hanegraf, Albin J. Anderson, Hank Thien (small boy), Arnold Pocan

ca. 1905

Does anyone have some stories about the Catacombs? Please share them in the comments!

Birthday Party

Birthday party at John Groen residence at 136 N. John Street, Kimberly, WI.

Children of the John Groens', Henry Williams', Fred Van Haelsts', and William Geenen Sr.

(no date given)

Main Street

Intersection of Kimberly Avenue and Main Street looking north, Kimberly, WI.

ca. 1908-10

Mill Construction

Kimberly Clark Mill under construction.

ca. 1904

Kimberly Baseball

Carl Lemmers and Butch Thien
ca. 1925

Sunset Park

Early roadway to Sunset Park. ca. 1925

Kimberly Clark Mill Cave-in

The aftermath of the Kimberly Clark mill cave-in and explosion.

ca. October 7, 1927