1940 Champs

1940 Champs

Kimberly, WI, ca. 1940

Top row: Ray Hamann, "Duke" Van Himbergen, Tom Busch, Paul Smits, Francis Vander Velden, "Dewey" Dufrane, Frank Van Cuyk, Carl Lemmers, Dean Barrand (manager)

Middle row: "Mouse" Mauthe, Vincent Vanden Boogaard, Joe Van Nuland, James Smits, Darrell Larson, ? Frassetto, John Gaffney

Bottom row: Francis Verbeten, Clarence Van Hammond, Cletus "Fish" Gaffney, Don Verkuilen, Bob "Brother" Willis, Francis "Pete" Pieters

Photo courtesy of Carl Lemmers


Try Darrell Larson...instead

Try Darrell Larson...instead of Danell

Correction made! Thanks very

Correction made! Thanks very much!

Sure wish I knew why Dean

Sure wish I knew why Dean Barrand died at the early age of 18! He was the grandson of Selina Hilton Barrand, my Great Aunt, from Algoma. I'm researching Selina's history. Dean seemed to be involved in so many school activities in Kimberly from what I'm reading. His enlistment card for WWII has "CANCELED" written across it. He died April 9 1943.

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