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Welcome to Youth Services! We are passionate about literacy, connecting kids with great books, encouraging reading for pleasure, and developing curious minds. If you need assistance, please contact the library and ask for Ms. Ann.

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Parents, did you know that, according to research, reading aloud is the single most important thing you can do to prepare your child for reading and learning?  Make it a goal to read at least fifteen minutes every day to your preschooler. We have lots of great books for you at the library to help you meet your goals and to create lasting memories of stories lovingly shared together.

Check out the latest reviews from the Books to Hoot About! blog on InfoSoup.

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Title: Hoot Owl Master of Disguise

Author: Sean Taylor

Review by: Elizabeth, (Seymour) Muehl Public Library

This great book has owl donning disguises to catch prey. The words are rhythmic (and sound like bragging) so the reader can use their voice in an exaggerated tone. Delightful!

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Title: The Happy Owls

Author: Celestino Piatti

Review by: Elizabeth, (Seymour) Muehl Public Library

This pair of wise owls attempt to teach the (foul) fowls that being happy is being appreciative of nature and the seasons.

Even the youngest among us understand the message of this book.

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Title: Sidewalk Flowers

Author: JonArno Lawson

Review by: Ellen, (Manawa) Sturm Memorial Library

What a beautiful picture book! This is a book with  no words but who needs words when the illustrations move this story along so well? A young girl and her father walk the streets of a busy city and while the father is preoccupied on this cell phone, the girl picks flowers (and weeds) that she finds here and there. As the walk progresses,...