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Short Story Club Kimberly

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Tanners (1847, 730 S Railroad St, Kimberly

Share your favorite short stories, invite friends and leave feedback  in our Facebook event.   This month's short story will be The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber.  Get a digital copy, print your own at home by clicking here.  Or, pick up your copy of the short story at Kimberly or Little Chute location or email for a digital copy (The next month's story will also be available at each Short Story Club meeting or at either library the following day.)

What is Short Story Club?!

This spin-off of the traditional book club is a casual, delightfully fun adult story hour that consists of a few discussion questions about the short story, trivia, other book banter and socializing. Read the story ahead of time, or come early with your copy and devour it then.  No registration or fees are required for this program. We will welcome attendees as space allows, so bring a friend!

Who is Short Story For?

-those of us who love the immediacy of short stories
-those of us who want to dabble in a new genre without committing to a full book
-for those of us who want to kick back with a beer and meet some new friends
- those of us losers with time management problems who have tried to join book clubs in the past, only to be a mere 25% through the book on Book Club Day

When is this Short Story Awesome-ness happening?!

Short Story Club meets at Tanner's in Kimberly on the Second Wednesday of every month and Hollander's in Little Chute on the Second Monday of every month (September-May. We take June, July and August off for your own personal reading summer fun.) The same story is discussed at both sessions that month.