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For the One That Finds Me Kimberly

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Kimberly Public Library

Registration Required. Call 7887515 to reserve your spot.  In the meantime, invite friends, share your love of all things floral and more in the Facebook event.

We love our community!

For the One Who Finds Me seeks to create more magic and more kindness in the world, one tiny bouquet at a time. Founded in June 2015 by Danika Laine as a social art project in Madison, Wisconsin, the act of placing tiny bouquets in public spaces has caught on.

Friends and strangers in cities near and far are discovering the thrill in this random act of kindness. You’re invited to join in! We will not only be arranging and leaving floral arrangements in and about Village of Kimberly, but we will also be doing some small paintings of these beautiful floral arrangements to leave out to brighten someone's day! Local artist Shannon Piette of Richeson School of Art & Gallery will be there to help show you a few painting techniques and demos and guide you along the way to create a beautiful floral painting to keep or to leave out in the streets for an unsuspecting neighbor to find.

This program is geared towards late teens/adults. We would like to thank our patrons for donating vases, Shannon Piette for her artistry, Richeson School of Art & Gallery for the supplies and to Robinson Florist & Greenhouses for donating floral.