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book coverCheck out Adam's review of the first book in the Unwanteds series:


By: Adam

Can you imagine a world where everything is assigned, there are no choices, everything is colorless and creativity can get you killed? This is the everyday life for, Quill, the closed in city where order and fear is what keeps people moving.

In this thriller, two twins have totally different lives. Alex, the creative one, knows he will be announced as an Unwanted, which will get him killed, because he has been caught more than twice coloring and being creative. Aaron however, has never been caught and is going to be a Wanted, which means he is important in the community. But when Alex is to be Eliminated, he is brought into a world where creativity is the point in life. But when he is found by his highly honored brother Aaron, Aaron wages war on the mysterious world, Artime. But can Alex convince the power hungry Aaron to live in peace and realize family is forever, no matter what, or is it too late?

In this completely captivating book, so many twists and turns show up that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. I would recommend this book to boys and girls ages 10 and up because of some choices and plots that characters make. So, can Alex keep the Aaron under control or will he grow as wild as the creatures and spells in Artime?


Students at Mapleview Intermediate School in Kimberly have been working on book reviews, and I will be featuring their work over the next few weeks. Here is our first guest reviewer, Katelyn, with a review of The Running Dream.



The Running Dream

By: Katelyn

For the young runner, Jessica, breaking a running record at a school  track meet  was everything until the ride home. When the tragic car accident,  that included Jessica’s bus, cleared up it  left one dead and one without a leg. As Jessica struggles to even get up the stairs she constantly wonders if she will ever run again.

After the accident Jessica hasn’t been the same. Without running her life is boring. Then finally one day her best friend talks her into going back to school. She is invited to a track meet where  her coach talks to her about a fake leg that will allow her to run, the only problem is the cost of the fake leg. As her school track team tries to raise money to get their fastest runner back  on the track Jessica never gives up.

I recommend this amazing story full of hope and dreams to young adults because of the mature topics. Readers should be mature and not looking for a humorous book.  Will Jessica get back on the track or give up on her dreams? Will the students on the track team pull through and get the money? Will Jessica ever  run again? Read The Running Dream to take a look at Jessica’s thoughts on the possibilities on her running dream coming true.


Looking for a good recently published book? The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has announced its 2013 Best Fiction list containing 102 books considered to be the best in a variety of genres for readers ages 12-18. The top ten picks are marked with an asterisk.

If you find a book you particularly enjoyed, be sure to recommend it to other teens by writing up a quick review in The Book Blog found on the Infosoup page. The blog is a great place to look for good teen reads and to let your opinion be heard.

A few favorites from the list that I have read include Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindl and The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen. Also,the audiobook of Code Name Verity is a great World War II listen that gets more intriguing as the story progresses.

There are so many great teen novels being published, so be sure to check out the list for some gems just in time for your summer reading pleasure.

Baby sloth hugging a stuffed bunny

They've been called lazy, but are they really just "chill?" Kids will find out a lot about these unusual creatures in the new book, A Little Book of Sloth by Lucy Cooke. Lucy founded the Sloth Appreciation Society, and her book captures slothful activities at a sanctuary in Costa Rica for orphaned and injured sloths. Written in a conversational tone, this book features interesting information about sloth behavior (did you know they are the best huggers?) and many great pictures that will make you go "awwww!" Whether you are feeling slothful or not, be sure to check out this super fun book that all ages will enjoy. This may be my favorite non-fiction title of the year!

Kelsey says, "This book is awesome! The second book is coming out at the end of April, 'The Elite.'"

Kimberly Reading Nook

If you're a parent or caregiver of younger children, you may have loved or loathed the reading loft in the Kimberly Library's children's area. To address concerns and complaints of safety and noise, the loft has been transformed into a reading nook. The base has been taken off to remove the steps and slide, and the nook is now a safer place for younger kids to play and look at books. 

In the future, we hope to add some pillows and perhaps develop the nook into a little house or train for imaginative play and reading. The train table retains its beloved place in the children's picture book area.

If you are handy or know of any service groups that would like to help transform the nook, please contact Ms. Ann at 920-788-7515.

Stop in soon to either the Kimberly or Little Chute Library to discover great books to read together as a family!

Do you have children's or teen books that are no longer used at your house? The library would appreciate your donation of books that are in like new condition for our summer reading program, be it picture books, beginning readers, or chapter books. We strive to give out a book prize every other week to our participants, so your donation would go into the hands of an eager summer reader. Books may be dropped off at either location.

Watch for information coming in May about our exciting summer reading program for children, teens, and adults!

Seraphina is the winner of the 2013 Morris Award, which honors a debut book written for teens by a first-time author. I listened to the audiobook while driving back and forth to work, and I had to peel myself out of the car each time as I was so enchanted by the world created by author Rachel Hartman.

Seraphina is the assistant music director of the court in the medieval kingdom of Goredd. Though incredibly gifted musically, Seraphina does all she can to avoid the limelight, for she holds a secret that could prove deadly to her: she is half-dragon. In Goredd, dragons and humans have an uneasy truce which becomes more strained when a member of the royal family is murdered in a rather draconian fashion. Seraphina soon discovers a plot to create war between the species, and she must do all she can to expose the culprits who would destroy the peace. 

The dragons in Seraphina's world can take on human form and are teachers and scholars, and Seraphina is taught by Orma on whom she strongly relies. The story is stellar in its treatment of Seraphina's struggle to accept herself as she grapples with human emotion and the logical and cold side of being half-dragon. The story is replete with action, intrigue of the court, a love interest, and, of course, dragons in this sumptuous fantasy world--highly recommended for teens and adults who love fantasy! 

Check out the YALSA Blog The Hub for a more detailed review of Seraphina.

There is a sequel in the making, Drachomachia, which is currently scheduled to be released in February 2014--a definite on my "must read" list!

Have you read the book? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought of it.

Kelsey's been at it again! You'll want to check out Hate List by Jennifer Brown after you watch the latest book trailer.

Here's another great book trailer from Kelsey. Pick up a copy of Legend by Marie Lu today!