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Leif Larson's Art

Kimberly-Little Chute Library's artist in residence, Leif Larson, will be displaying his work during May and June primarily at our Little Chute location.  Leif is currently working on the large scale mural on S and S Trading Co. as part of his residency with KimLit and Bazaar After Dark.  In this colorful exhibit, Leif will be featuring unique hand cut, colored paper-cutouts, acrylic paintings on canvas and Intaglio prints.  Display will be up until the end of June,

Paper-Cutouts-  I use a high grade colored paper, and glue it to matte board with a strong bonding glue.  Color is at the heart of all the aesthetic in these works, as well as the playfulness of story telling and expression.  Overall, my subjects in paper have been musicians, and mystery novel type narratives.  I look forward to seeing where these go in the future.  I'd recommend everyone try to make paper art at some point in their life, its a challenge and a thrill all at once!  All paper and cutting supplies can be bought at local art or hobby stores.  I use only one pair of basic scissors to cut out my paper.  To hear and learn more about paper cutting and to try your hand at this fabulous, fun skill, come to our upcoming event at Little Chute location.

Acrylic paintings- Acrylic painting is at the core of my artistic spirit, and my favorite medium to use.  I have been acrylic painting since I was a little boy.  I have always loved it!  There is just something about paint that lures me into a state of amazement and determination to make something. I have included the 8' long scaled down plans for the mural I just completed here in LIttle Chute, on the side of the S & S trading building.  It was this plan that I used as reference when preparing the final drawing on the building.  I thought it would be a nice touch to include it in the show, along with a few other paintings.  

Intaglio prints- Intaglio print making is an amazing process: (Short explanation) you make marks into a copper or zinc plate, its then dipped into an acid bath that etches your marks into the plate, the plate is removed and then inked. Finally, the plate with a piece of printing paper over it, is placed through a printing roller press and printed into a print.  Its a bit more complicated then that, but in short, Its a very interesting and rewarding process.   

Want to know more about Leif?  We thought you would!  Leif Larson was Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1981, He studied at Indiana State University and went on to receive a B.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 2005.  In 2008 he studied at the Art Students League in New York City.  His work has been shown throughout the U.S. in galleries, museums, universities, public buildings and exhibitions in locations that include Napa Valley California, New York City, and many Midwestern cities.

 Leif enjoys sharing his love of art with others and has conducted painting and drawing workshops for adults and kids in multiple cities in Wisconsin and Illinois.  He has worked on several restoration projects: Dan Rhodes 1939 fresco “Communications by Mail” located in Marian, Iowa and the 1837 spoon murals located in the Oscar Kincaid Home of History in Boonton, New Jersey.  Since 2001 Leif has been a major contributor in developing the Oshkosh Gallery Walk.  His murals can be found in businesses in Wisconsin and Illinois.  His paintings and drawings can be found in both private and public collections across the United States.  Leif lives and has a studio in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.