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Caren Benzer's Art

Caren Benzer trained at the Art Institute of Boston studying Graphic Design, and later attended the Fashion Institute of Technology from which she earned a degree in Textile Design.  Caren's art will be up until the end of May.  See more of her art here.

" I grew up in a family that loved art. My parents encouraged me to use art to express my creative soul. I love to create happy, colorful artwork. Recently, I’ve become interested in linoleum prints and have used my printmaking skills in this medium. I also enjoy sketching people, using ink and vibrant colors to create a whimsical world. I also paint with oils, acrylic, and gouache.  I am devoted to art and the creative soul. I believe everyone should consider expressing themselves through art, in all of its forms." -Caren Benzer

Caren will be doing an event at our Little Chute location in June.  More details will be released soon.