Artist-in-Residence, Benjamin D. Rinehart

Benjamin D. Rinehart

The library is excited to introduce our Artist-in-Residence, Benjamin D. Rinehart!

Benjamin is an Associate Professor of Painting and Printmaking at Lawrence University. He has some prints, pop up books and more displayed at Little Chute. He will be having three different All-Ages Artful Saturday mornings over the course of his residency in September and October in Kimberly.


Artist’s Statement

My images depict an autobiographical narrative critiquing relationships between people and personal identity. More specifically as a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning (LGBTQ) community, I use personal experience to raise awareness and speak about issues affecting under-represented and marginalized people. Each piece is an expression of intimacy and is intended to have numerous readings beyond the initial view. My artwork is designed to communicate and help others by providing new insight into universal experiences, contributing to a wider dialog and forming a stronger sense of community and family.


The personal memories I incorporate directly relate to family, relationships, children, and parenting. I attempt to raise questions about love, insecurities, social injustices, and values in contemporary society. Raising two children with my male counterpart affords me the opportunity to revisit my childhood, acknowledge my evolving identity, and determine my role going forward in society. Physical and mental images are invoked to explore an autobiographical narrative through printmaking and book arts. I direct the viewer’s experience with tactile, visual, emotional, and psychological responses. Bitter and sweet colors bring the audience into playful surroundings while dense layers emulate a thick skin suggesting strength and resilience.

- Benjamin D. Rinehart                      



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